Hervey Bay is considered by many people to be the ultimate whale watching destination. Yet, there’s more to Hervey Bay than watching the mammoth mammals.

The unstopping flow of visitors to Hervey Bay is there as well for the awesome places to dine and eat. Top-rated restaurants jostling each other in Hervey Bay offer a variety of delightful and delicious food deals that make every lunch hour a unique and exciting experience for everyone.

Food and Adventure Dining Experience

If action and a great meal is your scene, restaurants dotting the waterfront are the right ones to go for. The outstanding local produce is served with lunch meals topped with a great cup of coffee or glass of wine afterward.

A variety of watersport activities are offered by the restaurants to whet the appetite. Whatever it is that you want and need, something will always be possible for you while dining in Hervey Bay.

Chinese Vegan Dining

If your idea of a great lunch is eating gluten-free or vegetarian-friendly food, Chinese vegan dining restaurants offer this and more. A full bar in the restaurants allows you to imbibe your favourite alcohol drink while enjoying the amazing view of the bay.

Alfresco Dining by the Bay

Alfresco dining while in the middle of an urban setting can be a great way to eat and people-watch at the same time. The lunch meals offer a fantastic variety to suit everyone’s dietary needs. This is also the best way to enjoy outstanding coffee brews after a delightfully delicious lunch.

Moderately-priced Italian Lunch

Italian food offers from pizza and a variety of pasta dishes await you at the various moderately-priced Italian restaurants in Hervey Bay. The amazing view and wonderful service at the right price are the unique dining experiences in store for you in opting for Italian cooking.

Cheap but good Asian Meals

Fine dining does not have to burn a hole in your pocket. Cheap Asian-themed restaurants offer amazing food at very friendly prices. The best and smartest way to enjoy a stay in Hervey Bay is to choose budget-friendly but delightful food servings at Asian-inspired restaurants.

The finest French desserts

A sumptuous lunch needs an equally delicious dessert to make the dining experience perfect. Profiteroles dessert servings after a delightfully-gastronomic French-inspired meal should top the list while in Hervey Bay.

Hotel stay and fine dining

Fine dining and hotel stay is the best way to enjoy the sights and food offerings at Hervey Bay. The various hotels in Hervey Bay offer the best accommodations and dining for families, couples, and groups. The various amenities offered by the various hotels in Hervey Bay topped with the best dining experience make a hotel stay a must.

Whale watching with buffet lunch package

Hervey bay’s topmost attraction is whale watching. And the best way to enjoy watching the frolics of these friendly mammals while eating locally-produced food is to opt for the whale watching and buffet lunch package. Packages and deals such as this ensure the ultimate vacation enjoyment for you and your family.

The best places to eat lunch in Hervey Bay are also the best places to have fun and enjoy what the city has to offer.