JoliesBistro – Best Restaurants for a Date in New York City

A “date” has equal importance in our lives and in the calendar. A date is where two people sit together and get to know each other. It’s a small amount of time you take out for each other and an even smaller talk that you have. It has a impact on your whole life. When you start enjoying someone’s company, you call them again, then again and then you end up in each other’s lives.

If you don’t, then you look for someone else, call them on a date. If it doesn’t work out, you call someone else and then again the same sequence of events unfolds. Regardless, it is a never ending process.

Knowing the importance of a date now you must understand that the place for the date is equally important. You can’t just go sit in a place and call it a date. You need places that have the “date effect”. Places where the environment, the aura, the food, the waiters, the drinks, the tables, the chairs; everything speaks of romance. Some places that will make “history” out of your date in New York City are:

1. Il Buco

One of the oldest restaurants in New York City is Il Buco. It used to be an antique store and it still feels that way. They have been serving excellent pasta and risotto for decades but their quality hasn’t dropped one bit. It is an especially romantic restaurant given the archaic environment and the experience in the air.

2. One if by Land, Two if by Sea

This is the place to go if you think he’s/she’s the one. The exquisite six or seven course meals with the oldest candle lit seclusion in New York City makes this place more romantic than any place else. This used to be a carriage house in 1767 owned by a farmer, now a romantic restaurant with the one thing that most couples desire: a seclusion garden. This garden will make you feel like there’s only you and your date in the whole world, an experience not many places can provide.

3. Hart’s

This is a place not known by many people but is an excellent place to go. Your date will fall in love with your choice when you take them there. The dim environment with candles at every table and the soft background music will add another thing to your relationship. The Mediterranean and American cuisine there will leave you wanting more and your date wanting more from you.

4. Carbone

Like other culinary projects in their portfolio Carbone is another delicious place to bring your date to. It is a place where everything is more than it looks like. Each ingredient stands out and tastes much more than it really is. The walls are navy with old school painting lining them and the ceiling suspends brass chandeliers that add to the restaurant’s beauty. The waiters are the finest of New York. An excellent place to date.

5. I Sodi

Housed under an apartment building in NYC is one of the best Italian restaurants named “I Sodi”. This is the place to go if your date love Italian cuisine. It’s more of a bar with only eight tables meaning a hard-to-get reservation. Which also means that many people don’t eat here. This is another edge you can get in your date. Also, this is home to the unique 26 layer lasagna that will surely knock your date off their feet.

6. The River Cafe

Capturing the splendid views of downtown Manhattan and offering you the food that is considered the best in New York City by many many people is the River Cafe. You can choose from three course or six course meals cooked by the best chefs in town. The menu is simply irresistible because the of the best chefs and then them at their best too. It’s a bit heavy on the pocket but it’s definitely worth it.

7. Rainbow Room

Sitting at the 65th floor being a 1934 lounge with a dance floor and excellent food on the menu is the Rainbow Room. You have to dress to the nines for dinner. If not in the mood, you can upscale your weekend with a Sunday brunch. The place offers up to six week advance reservations so get yours soon!

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