3 Reasons You Should Have Coffee Everyday

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If you have indulged in a good coffee, chances are you never left it since the day. We all develop a tasty indulgence every now and then. Coffee and tea are two indulgences most of us are become habitual of after a certain time period. Having a cup of our favorite beverage on a daily basis becomes a part of our routine.

Between coffee and tea wars, it’s hard to tell which side the majority lies in. However, there are many health related advantages to coffee which you can only experience if you drink coffee on a daily basis. Yes, you heard it right! Drinking this absolutely divine beverage on a daily basis is not just good for your taste buds but also for your health! Here are a few benefits you definitely need to know about:

1. It regulates your Temperature

Coffee makes you warm in the cold. With the upcoming winters, you need to consume a beverage that regulates your body temperature and makes you resistant to the cold outside. Coffee can be consumed in different forms: with water, with milk or a mixture of both.

Coffee can be the best beverage that ensures your body remains at the right temperature so you do not feel shivering no matter what the temperature is. The best thing about coffee is that you can take it along with you during camp or vacations wherever you go. There are many camping coffee pots available for you to keep this beverage along with you.

2. Reduces Depression and Similar Diseases

Coffee contains many antioxidants that sustain your mood. You will be able to enjoy a happier life with a beverage that sustains your hormone levels. You will also notice an uplift of your overall alertness in the body. Once your hormones are elevated to a happy mode, you will automatically decrease the chances of developing depression and similar diseases.

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Most of the reasons for developing depression, anxiety or insomnia is lack of regulated hormones level in the body and physical laziness. Coffee makes sure you are able to stay fit, stay active and remain healthy. You will also notice how caffeine relieves your stress and makes you participate in life more actively.

3. Keeps You Fit and Healthy

Coffee contains antioxidants and caffeine and both keep you healthy and fit. Antioxidants increase the metabolism rate of the body. If you start consuming black coffee on a daily basis, you will experience a weight loss journey within a matter of months. Mixing coffee with milk makes up for a relatively carb-oriented drink but its also good for health.

You can drink up to three cups of coffee on a daily basis, keeping in mind your activity level. However, drinking one cup pays no damage to the mind or body!

Benefits of Drinking Coffee

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Coffee is one of the world’s favorite drinks. Besides giving you a burst of caffeine to keep you up for work, it would do wonders for your mental and physical health. There are a lot of reasons to drink coffee on a daily basis. According to research, you can drink up to 3 cups of coffee on a daily basis, based on your activity.

Does caffeine stunt growth? Not really.

If you’re a coffee lover and want to know just how good the drink is for your health, here are a few advantages:

Boosts Performance

People who drink coffee regularly feel less tired because they have increased energy. Coffee, when absorbed in the bloodstream, blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter in your brain. This increases the firing rate of other neurotransmitters.

Greater fire rate means that your brain can go beyond its limits now. Researches show that these neurotransmitters can enhance your mood, increase intelligence, reaction times and general cognitive functions.

Coffee and Diabetes

Coffee can help you fight type 2 diabetes. Researches show that an “inverse association” exists between coffee and type 2 diabetes. Coffee controls the biological activity of the body’s sex hormones that help develop type 2 diabetes. Not only does it control diabetes it also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

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Burns Fat

Staying fit and in shape is not so easy for all of us. We need something to cut the extra fat that keeps coming out of nowhere. Researches show that coffee is actually one of the very few natural substances that aid in burning fat.

Coffee can boost metabolism rate by 3 to 11%. It can increase fat burning by up to 29% in lean people and around 10% in obese people.

Improving Heart Health

Drinking coffee in a moderate amount can protect against heart failure. The moderate amount is two cups. Scientists say that people who drank coffee had an 11% lower risk of heart failure compared to those who do not.

Liver Diseases

Coffee lowers risk of liver cancer by 40% and of cirrhosis by 22% for alcohol consumers. Some researches show around 50% reduced risk of liver cancer for those who drink 3 cups of coffee every day.

Risk of death by cirrhosis is also decreased by 66% if you take coffee regularly. Decaf coffee reduces the liver enzyme levels.

Nutrients in Coffee

Coffee does not carry only caffeine. There are a lot of other ingredients too that you can benefit from:

  • Vitamin B2: 11% RDA
  • Vitamin B3: 2% RDA
  • Vitamin B5: 3% RDA
  • Manganese: 6% RDA
  • Potassium: 6% RDA
  • Magnesium: 3% RDA

These are present in very small amounts but you can add up with multiple cups. This is the amount in only one cup of coffee. Can you imagine the kind of benefits you’re getting simply by consuming a single cup of coffee?

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia

Coffee reduces risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia. Coffee helps in controlling movement of people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. There is no cure for these diseases unfortunately however, coffee can improve one’s health and make him less prone to developing these diseases.

Consuming coffee on a regular basis can also ensure a better mood and an energetic performance.

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